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HRS Alumni Society Board Members 

Current Board Members:


Brad Locke
Respiratory Therapy 2001  2005 - Current

"My experience as a student in the School was absolutely memorable.  I developed some great friendships, had amazing instructors, and became well equipped to succeed as a Healthcare Professional.  Shorty after graduating I looked for ways to give back and to remain connected to OSU and to SAMP.  I found the SAMP Alumni Society and have been an active member and officer ever since."

Katrina Tabor
HIMS 2008  2008 - Current

"I enjoy networking with others and joining the SAMP Alumni Board has been an excellent way to do so. Giving back to the School is a wonderful way to pay back what was given to me." 

Lauree Handlon
HIMS 2000
MS Allied Health Management 2008
 2005 - Current

"I joined the SAMP Alumni Board because it provided an opportunity to get involved with the School and make a difference in other’s lives as well as my own. A great feeling comes from assisting with the bigger picture of student/alumni relationships and the growth of our allied medical profession community."

Matt Ridley
Health Sciences 2005  2007 - Current

"As a student I could recall counting down the days to graduation in anticipation of my entrance to the "Real World."  The day came, I grabbed my diploma and road off into my future.  Once I got to my destination I realized there was a void which existed.  I missed walking across campus and soaking up the Buckeye Spirit on a daily basis.  I also felt a debt of gratitude to this organization that had given me so much.  During my time on campus I was so focused on getting out, I didn't pay attention to the multiple benefits this great organization was providing me.  
One day the answer came in the form of a call from a former classmate.  He contacted me about a the SAMP Alumni Society who was looking for more assistance on the board.  I saw this as the perfect opportunity to soak up more of this Buckeye Spirit and begin paying my debt of gratitude back to this great university.  This was nearly 4 years ago, and unlike my first 4 year experience at OSU, I am no longer counting down my days.  "

MJ Nguyen
HIMS 2011  2011 - Current

"As a new alumnus of the school, I felt that it was important to continue a connection to and show my appreciation for the School and my program."



Jennifer Belu

Physical Therapy 2000

2012 - Current

"I joined the board as a way to "give back" to the school that gave me so much."


The Board is currently accepting applications for prospective membership.  If you are a motivated alumnus who is interested in expanding the Society's benefits and outreach, consider membership to the Board or a Committee.  Contact us at